Adoption solicitors

At Talbots Law, we love bringing families together. We know we’ve done our job when we’ve helped a couple become loving parents and a child become part of a loving family. It’s a win-win. With passion and expertise, our adoption solicitors are here to guide you through, keeping it simple so you can prepare for parenthood.

All children deserve a family, regardless of their situation. No one chooses their parents. Children arrive in the world looking for love, acceptance and a place to grow. In circumstances where parents are unable to provide care for their child, the child will be put up for adoption. Adoption changes lives: for the former parents, it can be tough saying goodbye. For the couple adopting, it’s an exciting opportunity to finally have a child of their own. For the child, it might not be so straightforward. Over all, it’s a process that’s filled with emotion.

Why should I choose Talbots Law adoption solicitors?

At Talbots Law, we treat our clients like family. When you need assistance with the adoption process, we’ll be there to ensure you get all the help you need in order to complete your own family. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than knowing that we’ve helped bring joy to a couples life. With the knowledge and experience necessary to make for a smooth process, our adoption solicitors will be there every step of the way. For advice, for support, for life.

What is adoption?

Adoption is a permanent solution for children whose biological parents cannot provide care, in which they are placed into a new family. The adopting couple or person takes on all the legal rights and responsibilities associated with parenthood, and the children’s ties to their birth parents are severed.

Adoption is designed to provide children with a normal life and security. While the process may be complex, it can allow children to grow up in the safe and loving environment that they deserve. It is not to be confused with fostering, which is usually a temporary solution.

Can I legally adopt?

As you would expect, there are certain criteria you must meet in order to adopt:

  • Young adopters must be at least 21 years old. Otherwise, if one person is the birth parent and the other is at least 21, they will be allowed to adopt.
  • One of the adopters must have habitual residence in the UK.
  • The child in question must have spent at least 10 weeks with the adopters before making an application to the court.
  • If the partner of a child’s parent wants to adopt the child, they must have lived with the child at all times for a minimum of six months.

What is the adoption process?

Before you can begin your new family life, there are a few matters to take care of.

Firstly, the birth parents of the child must provide consent, unless they are deceased, mentally incapacitated or they pose a risk to the child’s safety. Once consent has been given, you will be able to make an application for adoption.

The next step is assessment. You and your partner must be assessed as adopters, either by the local authority or an adoption agency. They will factor in finances, home environment, employment, health and wellbeing and relationship of both partners as well as interviewing your chosen referees to gain insight into your personality. You will also receive regular visits from a social worker and must undergo a police check.

If you are accepted to adopt, the agency or local authority will begin finding a child for you to adopt.

Our adoption solicitors will then help you through the Court process as you make an application for an adoption order. The order makes the adoption legal and permanent and comes with a new official birth certificate for the child.

We believe every family deserves a happy ending, and our adoption solicitors are here to help you make it happen.

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