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When you’re accused of a crime, you need to know how to best defend yourself. At Talbots Law, we take pride in building a strong defence that works for our clients and their particular situation. From public order offences or theft allegations to much more serious crimes, our criminal defence solicitors will always remain professional and dedicated to your case.

Here at Talbots Law, our criminal defence solicitors have one goal: to defend our clients’ cases skilfully to success. While our clients’ cases vary in degree of severity, this never changes. When you come to us seeking advice and representation, we’ll provide you with a confidential consultation where we can discuss your options and begin gathering evidence to support your case.

Being accused of a crime can be daunting. Having an experienced solicitor on board from an early stage of the process can ensure that the right decisions are made and the necessary steps are taken. That’s where we come in.

As well as expert knowledge on the ever-changing sphere of criminal law, we provide tailored advice and a sensitive approach no matter how complex the situation.

Our Criminal Defence Team

Why choose Talbots’ criminal defence solicitors?

Talbots Law can represent you at the police station, at the Magistrates’ or Crown Court. Our expert lawyers successfully handle a wide range of cases providing you with a professional and skilled defence. We will only ever speak to you in Plain English and make sure that you are kept up-to-date throughout your case. If your case goes to Court, our lawyers are thorough and diligent. Our dedication is aimed at providing the best possible defence for you at the police station and in Court.

Can I represent myself?

    In short, yes. But we wouldn’t recommend it. Regardless of your innocence, you may find it difficult convincing a jury without representation. If enough evidence is given against you, you may face jail time if you cannot build a strong enough defence alone. If you do choose to represent yourself, you’ll be known as a ‘litigant in person’ and you will be fully responsible for adhering to procedural deadlines.

    Some choose to represent themselves due to lack of funds. If you are in this position, we advise you to consider applying for legal aid, which may cover your legal fees throughout the process.

    When you instruct one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors, we’ll commit ourselves completely in building a defence that’s strong and works for your personal situation. As well as this, we’ll provide strategic advice throughout your case as it progresses and help you understand the legal procedures involved.

    Am I entitled to legal aid?

    You could be.

    Legal Aid was introduced to provide equal justice to the public, regardless of income. It means that those who cannot afford to cover the costs of legal services do not have to represent themselves as a result. In order to receive Legal Aid, you will have to be means tested as proof that you cannot afford to pay legal fees. We recommend that anyone struggling with finances in this situation to look into Legal Aid and find out whether or not you are eligible. Are you eligible for Legal Aid?

    What happens in Court?

    Unless your crime is a highly serious one such as armed robbery or murder, your case will be heard at the Magistrates’ Court. Otherwise, it will go to the Crown Court.

    During the trial, the judge will allow both the defence and the prosecution to have their cases heard and all evidence will be presented for both sides. The judge will take notes during the trial and take all aspects of each case into consideration. When the trial has come to an end, the judge will present a summary of the information back to the jury. Then, it’s up to the jury to come to a decision about whether or not the defendant is guilty.

    If you have been accused of a crime and need advice and representation from an experienced criminal defence solicitor, get in touch with Talbots Law today on 0800 118 1500.

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