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Buy to let. For some, it’s a lucrative industry. For others, it will be a struggle. It all depends on your prior knowledge. Purchasing property as an investment requires research, and shouldn’t be done on impulse.

At Talbots Law, our qualified team of buy to let solicitors believe that a little research goes a long way. So, whether you’re an experienced landlord with a property portfolio or you’re new to the letting game, we can help you maximize the return.

As house prices continue to rise, it’s no surprise that the rental market is popular. As a result, those looking to invest in the future are getting their foot on the property-letting ladder. However, when you purchase property to let, there’s a lot more to consider than your own personal tastes and finances. Buying to let is a whole other ball game.

Those unfamiliar with the industry might believe the return is instant, and not appreciate the responsibilities associated with being a landlord, or the key to a successful buy-to-let property.

Luckily, our buy to let solicitors are well versed in all areas of property law. That means you can rely on us to provide specialist advice on all the requirements of a rewarding property investment.   

Once you have your property, our experienced Landlord & Tenant and Housing Law solicitors can help ensure that you remain compliant throughout the life of your tenancies and also to effectively manage issues with tenants, including rent arrears or evictions

For more information on our Landlord Service, call us on 0800 118 1500, or ask the solicitor dealing with your purchase to put you in touch with the team. 

Why should I choose Talbots buy to let solicitors?

With an extensive understanding of the market and an expert team of property solicitors, you can always rely on Talbots Law. If it’s local knowledge you need, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, we’ve been here long enough to know! With so much at stake, it’s essential you seek the advice of a qualified solicitor who understands all the vital components on the process: from mortgages to insurance requirements. As well as assisting you through the transaction, our buy to let solicitors will be by your side to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Where there are concerns regarding your tenants, Talbots Law are equipped with specialist landlord/tenant solicitors and offer a specialist landlord service to help resolve any issues that may crop up.

What is the buy to let conveyancing process?

Once you’ve got the right mortgage, we’ll double-check that you are able to rent out the property and have the correct permissions. The buy to let conveyancing process itself doesn’t differ too much from regular property purchases. Take a look at the steps to buying property. We’ll also be there for you to help with any legal documents you need to draft, such as tenancy agreements.

    What mortgage should I get for a buy to let property?

    Generally, mortgage agreements state that letting the property is strictly prohibited; or they will state that in order to do so, the mortgage lender must grant full permission. For that reason, people investing in buy-to-let properties should aim for a buy to let mortgage.  While the interest rate might be higher, getting a regular mortgage for a buy to let property runs the risk of the mortgage lender taking action against you, or demanding the immediate repayment of the mortgage.

    Buy to let can be hit or miss. With a little help from Talbots Law, your investment should be a success. Once the transaction is complete, we’ll stick around to guide you through the ups and downs of being a landlord. Just give our buy to let solicitors a call on 0800 118 1500.

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