Employment Law advice for Individuals

We advise employees, workers and consultants at all levels. For many of us the workplace plays a huge role in our lives.

At Talbots Law we believe individuals should always be treated fairly and the terms of their contacts adhered to. We also believe that everybody is entitled to a reasonable working environment. If you are experiencing problems at work seeking legal advice on your employment rights and options will help you to make informed decisions. 

If you have problems at work such as, disagreements, disputes or you are feeling discriminated against it’s a good idea to seek legal advice from employment law specialists. Understanding your rights as an employee early on in a dispute can strengthen your claim and ensure measures are taken to assist you.

Our employment solicitors take pride in acting for our clients on a range of issues; from redundancy to resignation and disciplinary matters. Nothing is too much trouble if it means we can help secure your preferred outcome.

Why choose Talbots Law employment solicitors?

At Talbots Law, we pride ourselves in not only providing bespoke legal advice, but also our skills in communication. When we act for clients we take the time to gain a good  understanding of their situation in order to decide how best we can help.  Conflicts in the workplace can impact your wellbeing, so it’s our aim to minimise them and find resolve as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the ever-changing sphere of employment law, you need a team of experts who you can trust to do right by you so who better to trust than Talbots Law.

How can we help?

Our experienced employment law solicitors  offer supportive and practical advice to help you resolve or settle workplace disputes.  

Because we advise employees, workers and consultants at all levels it  means that we are best placed to act for you regarding any work-related problem including:

  • Settlement agreement solicitors - click the link for more information
  • Disciplinary and grievances
  • Redundancy and restructures
  • Contracts of employment
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Discrimination including disability, sex, race, age and sexual orientation.
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sickness absence
  • Performance management
  • Maternity and paternity rights
  • Pay and national minimum wage
  • Equal pay
  • Unfair dismissal and discrimination claims
  • Bringing employment tribunal claims
  • TUPE
  • Whistleblowing

Employment Law Q&A

I think I’ve been dismissed unfairly. What can I do?

  • If you believe that your dismissal was unfair, you may want to make a claim to an employment tribunal. Before you do so, it will be important for you to be clued in on the legal grounds for dismissal, and take your situation fully into consideration. This Includes considering whether for example  you were discriminated against? Did your employer act within the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance matters? These are all matters you should discuss early on with on one of Talbots Law specialist employment solicitors to  firstly assess  if you have a claim and secondly to ensure you adhere to the strict time limits for making a claim.

Should I have a contract of employment?

All employees should receive a written statement covering specific aspects of terms of employment within 8 weeks from the commencement of employment. This can be in the form of a letter or a contract of employment.

  • If you have received a contract of employment and you are unclear of the consequences of signing the contract we can review this and advise you.

How much will it cost?

  • We know that paying for legal advice can be difficult especially when you are worried about your job.  We offer a range of fee options including capped fees. Also   if deemed suitable for your matter options can include  fixed  fees.  You may also be able to claim the costs of instructing us through  legal insurance policies you may have such as home cover insurance.
  • If you are an employee and need some quick advice we can offer a TEA (Talbots' Expert Advice) appointment. This is a one off appointment that lasts up to 45 minutes with one of our specialist employment solicitors. The cost for this advice is £200 including VAT.  

Call Talbots Law today on 0800 118 1500 to find out how they can help you.

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