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If you are looking to put a will or LPA in place or to review your existing arrangements then call our dedicated New Enquiries Team on 0800 118 1500 to arrange a suitable appointment with one of our expert staff who will take you through the process and provide you with a fixed price quote for the work that we will be doing for you.

If you need more information on the importance of having a will and LPA then please download our Little Book of Wills and LPAs 

At Talbots Law, we pride ourselves in being expert solicitors, not fortune tellers. That’s why we encourage our clients to get a Will in place as early as possible. When you’re no longer around, your wishes should be respected and carried out in accordance with your Will. Without one, there is no guarantee that things will go your way.

Our Wills and probate solicitors are industry specialists; and we understand the unpleasant nature of these conversations. Nobody knows what the future holds; and while we always hope for the best, planning for the worst is not a bad idea. For life’s uncertainties, put your trust in Talbots Law.

Our Probate & Estate Administration Team


When someone passes away, their Will should determine how their assets are to be divided. Unfortunately, all too often we see clients whose loved ones have died without putting one in place. This leads to Courts taking control and distributing the assets of the deceased as they see fit. At Talbots Law, our Wills and probate solicitors believe it’s never too soon to make a Will. When your capital begins to grow and major life events take place, putting a plan in place is only sensible.

At Talbots Law we always encourage our clients to remember a charity in their will.  Our nominated charity is Acorns Children’s Hospice and you can read more about how you could help to support the charity here


Where probate is concerned, we’re always happy to take the weight off our clients. Estate administration can be complex and emotional – and being fully responsible for the distribution of an estate is a lot to take on during the grieving process. We know that best of all: that’s why our Wills and probate solicitors be there to take care of all the tasks build up following a death.

Why choose Talbots’ Wills and probate solicitors?

No two Wills are the same. Assets go from minimal possessions to multiple properties. Our experience stretches across all circumstances; but our principle remains the same: your Will, your way. With a team of experts, we’ll help you protect your possessions and provide advice that’s tailored to meet your specific requirements. When you come to us after the passing of a loved one, we’ll ensure that all the loose ends are tied up: registering the death, dealing with any Inheritance Tax and providing professional advice regarding the distribution of assets. We can offer home visits or residential home visits to make the process easier for you. Our lawyers recognise the heartache that comes with loss, and try to simplify the tough times to the best of our ability.

What is the Will writing process?

When you meet with the team of Wills and probate solicitors at Talbots Law, we’ll take the time to develop a strong understanding of your circumstances in order to provide specialist advice. During our meeting, we’ll cover as much ground as possible: from who will inherit from your estate to any specific requests you have regarding unique possessions.

Our solicitors will get to work creating a draft Will that’s based on your requirements. We’ll send it to you for your consideration so you can ensure everything we discussed has been put in writing.

If you’re happy to proceed, the next step is to contact us and confirm.

We will then prepare the final version for your signature. The Will must be signed and witnessed by two members of our team in order for it to be valid. Once this is done, we’ll keep hold of the original and give you a copy.

What is probate?

Probate is the process of confirming a person’s death and taking care of all the necessary tasks that follow from their passing. A big part of this is estate administration, whereby the executor named in the persons Will is responsible for distributing the assets of the estate in accordance with their Will. Though a Will should help to keep the process fairly straightforward, probate can often lead to disputes among family members and friends of the deceased regarding inheritance. This is why having a specialist probate solicitor by your side can be beneficial in helping to resolve arguments amicably to focus on the task at hand.

If you need assistance with estate administration or you’re looking to get peace of mind by planning for the future, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call on 0800 118 1500 to make an appointment with one of our Wills and probate solicitors today.

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