Planning for your future

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At Talbots, we understand the significance of proactive preparation in ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones. 

We are a team of friendly and professional experts who are here to make sure that the right legal structures are in place to give you the outcome you would like.   None of us knows what the future holds, so planning for the uncertainties that life throws at us, such as making a Will, ensures peace of mind for you and your loved ones, whatever age you are.

Our Wills and Probate solicitors are here to explain the options that best suit your circumstances, such as inheritance and lifetime planning, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and succession planning. We are also here to help guide you through difficult times, such as the administration of a loved one’s estate, dealing with will disputes or making Court of Protection applications.

Our Team of solicitors cover all our offices and are available for home, hospital and care home visits when you are unable to get to us.

For information on the different areas our team can help you with, please see the options below.

Our Trusts & Estates Team

Planning for your future

Making a will

Make sure you decide who benefits.

Will Disputes

Advice on challenging a will

Inheritance & Lifetime planning

Make inheritance tax easier.

Court of Protection

Protecting your rights and wishes

Probate & Estate Administration

It's easier to plan now for your future.

Powers of Attorney

Protect your interests if the worst happens.