How we work

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Our customers love us.


How do we know?

Because 90%* are happy to recommend us to their family or friends. That’s really special. We’re happy with that but we want to push on and be even better. Doing the right thing by our customers is down to our people.

Every day, they live our Values. That’s the glue that holds everything together. With 10 offices and over 400 staff, you need something everyone believes in. Our people believe in our ambition to be the region’s leading legal provider of choice.

Every day, they bring their passion to work. We give them the freedom to innovate and be different. All we ask in return is that they do the right thing – every time – and talk a language people understand.

Our Values are no secret. If you would like to see them in full, they’re here. Or talk to one of our people, the person dealing with your legal matter.

If you want to give us feedback, click here. We always listen because we know feedback makes us better.


* Based on 510 customer reviews, accurate as of February 2022

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