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What is a consent order?

A consent order is court order which records your mutual agreement with your ex-spouse as to the division of your assets. This guarantees that the agreement you have reached is now legally binding and there is no need to go to court. A clean break clause Within a...

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Statutory Legacy Increase 2023

What is Intestacy and the Statutory Legacy? Where an individual passes away without leaving a will, they are known as dying “intestate”. Dying intestate results in a deceased’s persons estate passing in accordance with certain rules, those being the intestacy rules...

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Career opportunities in Coventry

Job opportunities in our new Coventry office Due to investment and organic pipeline growth in our Coventry office, we are hiring legal professionals from entry to senior level across our departments. These services include: Business Services Commercial Property...

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What is a settlement agreement?

You may also have heard a settlement agreement called by its old name a ‘compromise agreement’. In short, it is a legal contract, often governing the end of the employment relationship with an employee or employer, although they can also be used to settle employment...

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Is a pre-nup worth the bother?

With the wedding season fast approaching, Bethan, in our family team, has been looking at pre-nuptial agreements and whether they are worth it… A lot of the case law relied on comes from agreements that have been drafted in other countries, with the parties...

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Locked out of your Commercial Unit?

A tenant's lifeline Sometimes Commercial Tenants will find themselves locked out of their business premises due to the failure to pay rent on time or in circumstances where a tenant has perhaps not been able to meet the quarterly rent due to the economic climate. Most...

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Defamation client awarded £42,500

A historic case has changed the way in which victims of defamation can potentially sue perpetrators.  The King’s bench Division awarded damages of £42,500 in a defamation claim brought by the Claimant who had been employed as a consultant by an estate and lettings...

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