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Planning law is in a state of flux. From applications and appeals to environmental considerations, it’s vital to have all the information prior to kick-starting your development project. It might be a large-scale corporate development or you could be looking to build a home from scratch.

No matter which position you’re in, having an expert planning law solicitor by your side to guide you through the ever changing maze of planning law will push your project forward.

For most projects, securing planning permission is vital. We know that best of all, and our aim is to identify potential issues as early as possible and ensure that nothing stands in the way of your project. Before you jump into any commitments, it’s essential you seek the advice of a specialist planning law solicitor to avoid being penalised further down the line.

At Talbots Law, our advice extends past planning law into environmental issues that could affect your project. After all, it’s important to cover as much ground as possible – no pun intended.

Why should I use Talbots’ planning solicitors for my land development project?

From independent landowners to commercial organisations and local planning authorities, our clients come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we’ve acted on projects large and small and provided specialist advice that’s been carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. With the largest property department in the region, Talbots Law are fully equipped to assist you with your planning project from start to finish. With extensive experience, we’re well versed on complex regulations. Where we shine is the simplification of a complicated process, as we help you to obtain planning permission with little to no delays.

What happens if my planning application gets turned down?

If your project gets turned down, don’t lose hope. The refused application will come back with the reason why it wasn’t accepted. You’ll be able to appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate, and our planning law solicitors will be by your side to help you do so. If you appeal, it must be done within 6 months of the date of the refusal notice. Once your appeal has been validated, you’ll hear the final decision within 19 weeks. Don’t panic: our planning law solicitors are fully qualified in helping with the appeals process and are here to guide you through and field your questions.

Neighbourhood planning: can I object?

If a neighbour or local business has made a planning application which poses a threat to your home and local area in any way, you can make an objection to the planning office. There will usually be notices left near the site of development with vital details listed such as the planning application number. Take down as much information as possible about the planning proposal and give us a call. Time is of the essence with objections, as applications only take a short amount of time to be accepted or refused. This is the window you have to object, so it’s essential you act fast if you disagree.

If you’re looking to get your development project on the way, speak to a planning law solicitor at Talbots Law for expert advice and guidance. Just give us a call on 0800 118 1500 and we’ll be here to help.

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