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At Talbots Law, we believe in putting children first at all times. From the initial meeting through to Court proceedings, our child law solicitors will help you do what’s right by your children and ensure their voices are heard.

When your child asks when they will get to see Mum or Dad or when they will get to go home, it can be difficult to find the right response. For children, legal arrangements can be daunting. At Talbots Law, we minimise the damage done in divorce and dissolution by ensuring everything gets taken care of in a timely matter. Giving our all in helping children through a tough time is something you can count on us to do, regardless of how complex the situation.

How can Talbots Law help with my child law issue?

Our child law solicitors believe that when parents separate, building a co-operative relationship is vital to the well-being of the child. With a sensitive but determined approach, we will help you to handle the situation with ease and expertise. You can rely on us for high quality advice. You can rely on us for guidance and support. Our child law solicitors have been helping parents on child arrangements for years, so there is no situation too complex.

With a team of specialists in our family law department, you could say we’re experts in dispute resolution. When it comes to relationships, we’ve seen it all. Though our priority is the wellbeing of your children, we’ll always be there to help you tackle the arguments that arise along the way.

What is a child arrangement order?

A child arrangement order is an order granted by the Courts, which states:

  • Where your child will live permanently
  • Visiting rights of the parent without custody
  • What kind of contact both parents have with the child.

If you do not wish to involve the courts, you can create a Shared Parenting Agreement. Though not legally binding, this document provides written evidence of both parties agreement on the shared parental responsibilities. Our child law solicitors will help you through the process, ensuring that all intentions and agreements are clearly laid out: from the day-to-day arrangements to the complexities such as potential holidays and religious education.

Social Services

When Social Services get involved, it’s emotional for everyone. Generally, this happens as a result of allegations that your child is at risk of harm or not receiving sufficient care. At this stage, arrangements may be made for your child to be removed and placed in care or adopted. However, this is only a last resort, and depends on how serious the allegations are.

What can I do?

If Social Services have reason to believe your child is not safe in your home, don’t panic. It’s a stressing situation, but our child law solicitors are here to help. With vast experience in this complex area of law, we will help you understand your legal position and the steps you can take to prevent Social Services from removing your child.

Child law can be complex, and what we never do is assume. Our solicitors are ready to listen to you, and help you ensure that your child’s personal growth and development are not disrupted.

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Arrangements for children

We believe in putting children first, ensuring their voices are heard.

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