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For many, having a driving licence is an essential part of life. Be it for work or for pleasure, we know how much of an impact losing it could have. That’s why when clients seek our help, we dedicate ourselves entirely in defending them, be it a minor or major motoring offence.

With strategic advice and guidance through every stage of your case, you can trust Talbots Law to play a vital role in the outcome of your accusation.
Driving offences can range from small to life changing. You might be caught speeding, or replying to a text at the wrong time. The improvement of modern technology has meant a rise in these cases, and as motoring law solicitors, it’s our job to ensure each of our clients’ voices are heard. No two driving offences are the same, and each require a unique approach and dedication from a specialist.

If you’ve been cautioned by the police or summoned to court in relation to a driving offence, your best asset is sound legal advice from someone you can trust. With an in-depth understanding of motoring law and experience defending clients through a range of driving offences, you can trust in Talbots Law.

Our Motoring Offences Team

Why choose Talbots motoring offence solicitors?

From day one, our aim will be to protect your licence. When it comes to motoring offences, we succeed through passion and determination to do right by our clients. As well as our expertise, we pride ourselves in our availability and communication. We value these components as essential in building a strong defence, as they allow us to stay on the same level with our clients at all times. That means we can provide strategic advice tailored to your circumstances, in a language you can understand. If your case goes to court, our support doesn’t stop there. We will be there to navigate you through the court system and provide lawful representation, every step of the way.i

I’ve got 12 points on my licence. What can I do?

If you get 12 points on your licence, your best move is to seek sound legal advice at the earliest possible stage. ‘Totting up’ 12 points could potentially lead to a disqualification from driving for a long period of time, so any evidence that could reduce the ban would be of great value to you. At Talbots Law, we have saved the licences of many clients through proving the potential hardship caused by an imposed ban. That’s why legal advice in this instance is paramount in defining the severity of your disqualification.

What are the consequences of driving without insurance?

If you are being charged for driving without insurance, the consequences could be anything from a fine to a driving ban. If you are facing this charge, speak to our motoring offence solicitors. If you were driving without insurance in a situation of emergency or urgency, you may be able to reduce or avoid a disqualification or fine.

What are the laws surrounding new drivers?

Under the Road Traffic Act 1995 regarding new drivers, the law states that each new driver who passed their driving test after June 1st 1997 is subject to a probationary period which lasts two years. During these two years, totting up 6 points will lead to the DVLA revoking your licence. After this, you will have to apply for a new Provisional Licence and undergo both another theory and driving test to regain your licence.

At Talbots Law, we understand the serious impact that losing a driving licence can have on your life. Thats why we work everyday to save licences or reduce driving bans for our client, providing strategic advice and fair representation. If youve been charged with a driving offence, no matter how complex, our motoring law solicitors guarantee support and guidance throughout. Speak to our solicitors today on 0800 118 1500.

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