Consumer rights solicitors

In some way or another, we are all consumers. From our day-to-day purchases to large investments, we expect the shopping experience and the products we buy to meet a certain quality. When a purchase doesn’t go to plan or your consumer rights are breached, Talbots Law will be there to put things right.

As a consumer, it’s natural to expect your daily routine to run smoothly. From your morning coffee to the holiday you book in your break, you expect to receive the service that’s been advertised. So, what happens when a company lets you down? If a product you purchased was faulty or not up to the standard you expected, there’s more you can do than complain. Every day, our solicitors work with people from all walks of life to negotiate reimbursement from businesses who haven’t delivered the product or service they originally promised.

Why choose Talbots’ consumer rights solicitors?

At Talbots Law, we believe every consumer deserves legal protection. That’s why we work every day to stick up for the rights of individuals who have been mislead or disappointed by a product or service they received from a company, no matter how large the organisation.

How do we do it? With a team of qualified consumer rights solicitors who are not only passionate about what they do, but highly experienced in achieving a client’s desired outcome. Using tactical negotiation techniques and thorough investigation skills, we’ll ensure that your consumer rights are respected and you receive adequate compensation for your trouble.

Why do we do it? Because when we work with you, we see you as more than just a client. Loyalty is the cornerstone at Talbots Law, and nothing is more rewarding for us than putting things right for our clients.

What are my rights as a consumer?

Consumer rights exist to prevent people and organisations in power from misusing their position in unfair or discriminatory ways.

As a shopper, you should be able to rely on a trader to provide you with a product that is of satisfactory quality, is fit for purpose and is exactly as described. For example, if you ordered a product online and upon arrival you noticed it was nothing like the original image, you would be within your rights to take legal action.

Similarly, if a product you purchase is faulty and breaks within the first few usages, you have a right to complain. For example, you wouldn’t expect a pair of shoes to fall apart after one wear.

My consumer rights have been breached. What can I do?

Your first step should be to seek sound legal advice regarding your next steps.

It could be that you wish to make a claim against the company or individual; and if so, our consumer rights solicitors will be fully prepared to assist you in doing so. In order to make a claim, you’ll need evidence of the poor service or faulty product. In the case of faulty products, taking a photograph upon purchase (or arrival if bought online) will strengthen your case, as it will prove that the item was faulty or in bad condition from moment of purchase. If you received poor service in a shop or restaurant, noting down the name of the individual as well as the time and date of the occurrence will act as evidence to support your claim.

If you have experienced poor customer service or you received a product that was not up to the standard you expected, call the team of consumer rights solicitors at Talbots Law today on 0800 118 1500.


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