Mediation solicitors

Mediation. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about trust. Conflict may be inevitable, but combat is always optional. At Talbots Law, our team of mediation solicitors are experts at navigating clients through conversations to find an agreement.

When you’re caught in a family conflict, it’s hard to see the light from the trees. The emotion involved means arguments become heated, and your first instinct is to find blame, rather than a solution. Here at Talbots Law, we believe that communication is key. When conversations are kept calm and minds are kept open, it’s more likely that you will find resolution. That’s where we come in. With an experienced team of mediation solicitors, we’ll help you negotiate an outcome that suits you, and miminise the fallout.

Why choose Talbots mediation solicitors?

When disputes escalate, we’ll make sure you stay on track. With a team of expert mediation solicitors on your side, we won’t let you get caught in chaos or drag it out with drama. Instead, we’ll be there to point you towards peace. We know that when it comes to family disputes, it’s never a walk in the park. That’s why we always take the time to build a relationship with our clients, understanding their personal situation and desired outcome. This allows us to see the conflict from all angles and therefore find a solution that works for everybody, avoiding court battles, costs and time. It also means that if any disputes arise in the future, we’ll already have an understanding of your needs and interests.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a conversation. It’s a way of resolving conflicts without the Courts. In mediation, both parties involved in the conflict will come together to openly discuss the situation and attempt to find a solution. A mediation solicitor will referee the discussion, helping it to progress past arguments.

In family law, mediation is used to help families discuss issues and come to important agreements without the heated Court battles. Mediation, or, Alternative Dispute Resolution can also be helpful for business disputes.

How does mediation work?

The first step is assessment. The complexity of your case will define whether or not mediation is suitable for you. Speak to a mediation solicitor at Talbots Law, and they will arrange a Mediation Assessment and Information Meeting. Or, M.I.A.M, for short. We’ll discuss your options, and gain an understanding of the conflict at hand.

If mediation is for you, we’ll arrange a session. If it’s a conflict between you and your partner regarding separation, you will both be invited to take part in mediation together, with one of our specialist mediation solicitors present. We aren’t here to reconcile you. We also aren’t here to make decisions for you. Think of us more as a guide, here to navigate you past the blame game and onto the road to resolution.

If there is a chance that your conflict can be settled through calm negotiation, we believe you should take it.  After all, fighting is the easy way out. Anyone can shout, but not everyone can listen. Get in touch with one of our mediation solicitors today to help you with the negotiation.


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