Mary Morgan

Chief Executive

Mary is the firm's Chief Executive and is responsible for the strategic planning and management of the Company.

In 2009, Mary was appointed a Partner of the firm, which heralded a milestone for the legal profession as she was one of the first non-lawyers locally to become an owner of a law firm. Mary has also been appointed as Compliance Officer For Finance and Administration (COFA).

As Chief Executive, she is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and future growth of the business. Since 2009, the firm has grown through bold acquisitions and investment in key strategic areas, and now has over 200 staff across 6 offices, and is delivering double-digit growth year-on-year, with plans to grow further; this will come through the continued successful delivery of a rolling Five-Year Plan, supplemented by appropriate in-fill acquisitions and/or mergers where appropriate.

Outside of work, Mary is a passionate skier, dog walker and lover of travel and food.