Will Disputes and Contentious Probate


•   Do you believe you’ve been left out of a will unfairly?

•   Do you consider a will to be invalid?

•   Are you unhappy with the way an estate is being dealt with?

•   Have you been promised something in a will?

•   Are you an executor, beneficiary or a trustee on the receiving end of a challenge?

•   Do you feel you are entitled to a share of an estate by reason of your relationship with the deceased, but have been left nothing?

•   Are you shocked that after the death of a relative you have been left out of a will?

Seeking good quality professional advice as early as possible is essential to understand your legal position. At Talbots Law, that’s exactly what we’ll give you. Our team of specialist contentious probate solicitors are on hand for bespoke advice and legal support.

We can provide expert advice on all aspects of will and trust disputes including bringing or defending a claim under the Inheritance Act, challenging or upholding the validity of a will or challenging the way an estate is being administered. At Talbots Law, we regularly work with executors, trustees, beneficiaries and family members in a variety of situations to guide you through the legal process.

We offer a fixed fee initial one-hour consultation with one of our solicitors for just £200, where we can provide you with clear and succinct advice on your options.  Contact our specialist team for more information.

Why choose Talbots will disputes solicitors?

When you instruct Talbots Law we’ll be thorough in our investigation into your case and when there is a valid dispute we’ll help to build a strong claim and provide you with a clear plan to achieve your objectives. We appreciate that will disputes usually involve heated family arguments and we are here to support you with the emotional as well as the legal aspects of your litigation, in a sensitive manner.

Our solicitors encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and experience shows that often this approach can achieve a time and cost-effective resolution for our clients, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

What can we help with?

Our team has extensive knowledge of all will and trust disputes including:

  • Challenges to the validity of a will. This could be on the basis of mental capacity, where the deceased did not understand the terms of the will they were making - perhaps following a diagnosis of dementia. Wills can also be overturned on the basis that the person making the will was being coerced or forced to make the will in those terms or wills will be invalid where they have been forged.   
  • Inheritance Act Claims. Even where a will is valid or the estate stands to be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules, it is possible for certain family members to make a claim against the estate to increase their provision. The success of such claims depends on the claimant’s financial needs and resources among other factors.
  • Claims against Executors. These can be bought where beneficiaries or creditors of the estate are unhappy with how it is being administered. In certain cases executors can be removed by the court and/or substituted when they pose a risk to the estate.   
  • Caveats. We can help you obtain or prevent the issue of a grant of probate.
  • Intestacy. Issues caused by the application of the intestacy rules where the deceased did not make a will.
  • Enforcing promises. If the deceased made promises to you in relation to their assets during their lifetime and these are not reflected in their will or the Intestacy Rules.
  • Financial deputyship. We can help you with concerns regarding a financial deputy, the Court of Protection or a statutory will.

If you wish to contest a will or trust or are an executor or trustee facing a will or trust dispute call Talbots Law today on 0800 118 1500 to speak to one of our specialist will disputes solicitors.



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