Small claims advice

When a company or individual fails to deliver what they promised, you might not be sure where to turn. DO you have a claim? Is it worth pursuing? How successful will it be? At Talbots Law, we’ll answer all your questions before guiding you through the small claims process to your desired outcome.

If you’re involved in a dispute with a business or an individual, your case could be dealt with by the small claims track of the civil courts, better known as Small Claims Court.  Small Claims Court is a quick and efficient way of dealing with claims of a lower value. In England and Wales, only cases worth less than £10,000 will be dealt with in Small Claims Court. However, court may not be necessary and should always be seen as a last resort. Before your claim escalates, it’s vital to seek legal advice as early as possible to decide the best course of action for your small claim.

Why choose Talbots Law for small claims advice?

At Talbots Law, we’ve been handling small claims since our doors opened. But we still haven’t heard it all. That’s because with each new client comes a new claim with it’s own unique challenges. For that reason, we believe the best approach is to build a relationship with our clients and understand their unique situation in order to tailor our advice to their needs. When it comes to small claims – be it a breach of consumer rights or a holiday from Hell – our solicitors know their stuff. We know when claims are worth pursuing, and will always be upfront about costs and compensation from day one.

While we may be specialists in small claims, we know there’s nothing worse than seeking advice from a solicitor only to be drowned in legal jargon. That’s why we promise to deliver a service that’s simple and easy to understand; explaining your options with clarity in order for you to proceed without the confusion that is usually associated with law firms.

Do I have a claim?

Before taking action, it’s important to consider whether or not your claim is genuine, and if so, whether pursuing it is economically viable. Seek sound legal advice from Talbots Law, and we’ll listen to your concerns and gain an in depth understanding of your unique situation. From here, we’ll be able to assess whether or not your claim is worth taking further. If so, we will help you through the process from start to finish with ease and expertise.

What counts as a small claim?

Whether you are a business or an individual, you can make a claim to the Small Claims Court for most breach of contract claims. You might be seeking compensation for a faulty product you purchased such as a television or a fridge; it might be the case that a builder did not deliver when it came to your planning project. The Small Claims Court can deal with most personal injury claims, however when injuries range from severe to fatal, it may be escalated to the county court.

It’s important to note, however, that Small Claims Court is still a last resort. The Small Claims Court will only deal with claims when all other methods of dispute resolution have been exhausted. If you wish to make a claim against an individual or a company, your first step should be to contact your solicitor. If your claim is viable, we will attempt to secure settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If you have a small claim to make, get in touch with the team of small claims solicitors at Talbots Law today on 0800 118 1500.


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