Boundary disputes solicitors

When you buy property, you might not be aware of its general boundaries: where your property starts and another’s begins. The same can be said for many property owners, meaning that boundary disputes are not uncommon.

At Talbots Law, we work every day to resolve boundary disputes between neighbours quick and efficiently, so a disagreement doesn’t result in a war.

Between your property and your neighbour's property is a boundary line. It may not be a straight line, and it may feature a hedge or fence to separate the two. These boundaries are a common factor in neighbour disputes; when one neighbour fails to take into account the boundary of the other. Making a boundary agreement early on is a smart way to reduce conflict down the line, but where there is no agreement, disputes can arise.

If you wish to claim for damages due to trespassing, or you want advice in creating a boundary agreement, speak to our team of dedicated solicitors today.

Why choose Talbots’ boundary dispute solicitors?

At Talbots Law, we work everyday to help our clients through the most complex disputes. That’s because we know when it comes to your place of residence; the last thing you want is to be at war with your neighbours. With vast experience in boundary disputes and property on a whole, you can rely on Talbots Law to put things right. Each dispute is different, and we know there isn’t one solution for every incident. That’s why we work from the heart, listening to your concerns and familiarising ourselves with your situation before we get going on resolving the dispute. Boundary disputes can escalate fast, so it’s up to our dedicated team of solicitors to protect the interests of our clients while minimising conflict. We do this through skilful negotiation and determination to succeed; knowing that we’ve made a client’s life easier.

Boundary dispute FAQs

What is a boundary feature?
A boundary feature is something that separates your property from your neighbour’s property. It might be a fence, a hedge or a wall. Boundary features vary in size and type and are often the reason that neighbouring property owners get involved in heated disputes. Often, Title Deeds contain a covenant, which define who is responsible for the maintenance of a boundary feature. If ownership isn’t clear, you may consider jointly owning the boundary feature – depending on how willing both you and your neighbour are to reach an agreement on the feature itself.

How can I find out exactly where my boundary line is?
When property is registered with the Land Registry, a drawing known as a Title Plan is created, which is based on the large scale Ordnance Survey mapping. This defines the general boundaries of the property. If this is not already in your possession, you can find it through the Land Registry for a small fee.

However, it’s important to note that the Title Plan only shows the general position, not the exact line of the boundaries. It could be subject to distortions of scale and therefore should not be used to accurately define what you have legal ownership to. Ultimately, the original owners of the property define its legal boundaries. However, if there is no evidence to prove the history of a property’s boundary, matters could complicate slightly. The decision falls to both the property owner and their neighbour to decide on an exact line and create a legal document to record this. This is where boundary disputes occur, and require expert legal assistance in order to find swift resolution.

If you are involved in a boundary dispute with a neighbour, call a member of the disputes team at Talbots Law on 0800 118 1500.


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