Terms and conditions of Talbots Law's Client Feedback Process

This  feedback process is designed to provide open and independent feedback from clients. The terms set out what you can expect when submitting a review.

  • Talbots Law is very grateful to clients for taking the time to complete the Customer Feedback Survey (The Survey).
  • If you complete The Survey, personal details will be kept confidential and the results of your feedback may be used in an anonymised form for staff training and marketing purposes. By submitting a completed Survey you give consent to helping in this way.
  • Reference to "anonymised" means the presentation of your details in the format:  initials of first name and surname then town/ city. For example PH of Dudley.
  • A Survey will be excluded if Talbots Law cannot validate it as being submitted by a genuine client of the company.
  • A Survey will be excluded if it doesn’t use family friendly language or if it is abusive, defamatory, threatening, offensive, obscene or it deliberately intends to provoke an angry response from others.
  • A Survey will be excluded if it is considered to contain false or misleading claims or is deceptive or fraudulent.
  • Where a complaint or expression of dissatisfaction is included in a Survey, a member of the Talbots Law Compliance Team will try to contact you privately and investigate the issue pursuant to the Talbots Law complaints procedure.



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