Regulatory compliance and inspections

If you are in business, there are seemingly endless numbers of regulations that must be complied with. Not being aware of certain regulations is no defence if you are found in breach, but with so many existing laws that are constantly being amended, how does a business owner keep abreast of their responsibilities? 

You don’t have to. Let us manage it, keep you up to date on changes and advise you on amending your policies and procedures accordingly. That way, you can get on with what you do best, running your enterprise.

If you are facing an inspection by the HSE, FCA or any other authority, our commercial team can help you prepare documents and answer any questions. By engaging us as soon as possible, much of the stress relating to the experience can be negated.

Our team can also assist you with training on compliance issues, either at boardroom level or on the ‘shop floor’. As a law firm, we are subject to heavy regulation and regular inspections ourselves so we understand that compliance is not a ‘check-box’ exercise and for a culture of compliance to exist within an organisation, it must flow from the top down.

Why choose Talbots Law for your regulatory compliance and inspection needs?

Because the regulations your business will need to comply with depend on the market sector you are operating in, your legal advisor needs to understand your business in-depth.  At Talbots Law, we excel at listening.  We are the trusted advisor of many businesses across the West Midlands.  Our clients include large multi-nationals, construction firms, manufacturers and independent retailers.  By getting to know our clients, we can provide comprehensive regulatory compliance advice on every area of their business.

We take compliance seriously, and put quality first every time.  Our solicitors are aware of the reliance and trust placed on them by our commercial clients and work tirelessly to ensure that their trust is well placed.  We can advise on compliance, not only with UK/EU regulations, but all international jurisdictions as well. If an inspection is to take place, we understand the stress and business interruption this can cause.  Therefore, we take the reins and guide you through the process calmly, confidently and competently.

Regulatory compliance and inspections FAQs

What are the consequences of non-compliance?
The consequences of non-compliance vary greatly.  Much depends on what regulations a business has breached, in what jurisdiction the breach occurred.  Companies in breach of compliance can face penalties ranging from delays in shipping consignments, intrusive inspections through to large fines and even criminal prosecution.

How do I prepare for an inspection?
Preparation for an inspection is the key to getting through it with minimum stress and business interruption.  Ensure your risk-management policies are up-to-date, understand your business plan, ensure all records such as the workplace accident book and invoice ledger is current and in order, and know your processes.  These are just some of the minimum requirements any inspector would expect from a professional organisation.

Let the commercial team at Talbots Law advise you on UK/EU and international compliance issues relevant to your market and assist you with any inspections.  Call us today on 0800 118 1500 to find out more.


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