Joint ventures

At Talbots Law, we believe in collaboration. As business people, we know how exciting a joint venture can be, and with the right legal assistance, everything should fall perfectly into place. That’s why our solicitors will do what it takes to help you achieve your commercial ambitions.

Working with another company can be a way of growing or diversifying your own business. A joint venture is like any commercial relationship.  Having the appropriate legal agreements in place ensures both sides are clear on their role and responsibilities.  Our company team has years of experience managing joint ventures and is on hand to advise you through the process.

Both parties involved in a joint venture need to be clear on:

  • What the undertaking relates to
  • Why it is being formed
  • How long will it exist
  • The management of assets or equity

Profit sharing, management structures, intellectual property rights and investment matters will require some thought too.  We will take you through all these aspects of setting up a joint venture and explain it in clear, simple language.  You can be confident of our expertise – it’s why we have one of the busiest company law departments of any law firm in the West Midlands.

Why choose Talbots Law for joint ventures?

At Talbots Law, we are creative.  We believe company law offers new and exciting ways of doing things – so we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions.  Instead we listen and tailor solutions especially to your business.  Joint ventures are set up for many reasons; we will take the time to understand yours and organise a structure that helps you achieve your commercial ambitions.

Joint ventures can be complex, but we believe in keeping everything simple.  We are in business ourselves and know how important it is to understand a situation, quickly and effectively.  Our company law specialists will ensure you grasp any potentially confusing matters fully so you can evaluate the risks of the venture and make informed decisions.

Joint ventures can be arranged in different ways, therefore both parties need to agree on which best suits their project.  We will help you reach that agreement, negotiating strongly for terms that are in your best interests.

Joint Ventures FAQ

What should I look for in a joint venture partner?
The ideal joint venture partner is someone whose strengths compliment yours.  For example, if you have a new product to launch, a company with contacts and experience in distribution and customer services may be the perfect partner.

What due diligence will need to be completed?
Due diligence on the other company entering the joint venture will include checking that they have a right to enter such an agreement and that they own the assets that will be forming part of the venture.  We will also check that the organisation’s finances are sound and that review the risks associated with the venture itself.

Before entering into any form of joint venture agreement, talk to one of our company law experts.  Using our skills, we work in partnership with you and ensure your interests are documented and protected in the proper way.  To find out how our business lawyers can help you prepare and implement a joint venture agreement, please call our office today on 0800 118 1500.


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