Running a business requires the owner to wear many hats, one of the most important of which is the management of the finances. Talbots Law helps business owners understand the legal requirements regarding the financial matters of business, providing practical guidance so you can concentrate on what you do best - growing your business.

At Talbots Law, we understand that most business owners start out with a dream or an idea. For the dream to succeed, it is imperative that the venture is well-run financially. A company that employs staff must comply with HM Revenue and Customs regulations and invest in good tax planning. Amongst many regulations, they must also be aware of the rules on money laundering, receiving or giving gifts and how dividends are paid. 

Why choose Talbots Law for business finance law matters?

At Talbots Law, we know our stuff.  The intricacies of the financial aspects of a business can be complex, and if regulations are not complied with, the consequences can be dire.  You can be confident that when you engage us, we understand the law inside out and the advice you are receiving is expert and up-to-date.

Our commercial law team is available when you need them.  All our clients have the email address and direct dial of their solicitor.  And we will get back to you promptly if we miss your call.  Being in business ourselves, we know that questions of a financial nature often require swift answers.  You can be assured that we will provide them.

Finance FAQs

What is a secured loan facility?
A lender's primary concern is that they will be repaid. If a borrower becomes insolvent, the lender may have to share the borrower's available assets with other creditors and only receive part of what it is owed as a result. Lenders often take security to protect themselves against this risk and increase the likelihood that they will be repaid. Where security is provided, the lender gets an interest in the security provider's asset(s) giving it comfort that it will be able to recover amounts from the borrower in the event of the borrower's insolvency.

What is Asset Finance?
Asset finance is a method of providing finance for the purchase of particular tangible movable assets. The structure of the financing used depends on the nature of the asset being purchased. A key feature of asset finance is that the asset itself which is being financed will be the primary security given to the lender. The revenue provided from the use of the asset will repay the debt and service interest payments.

There are two principal types of asset finance structure:

  • secured lending, where the lender loans money to the purchaser to buy the asset and the lender in turn takes security over that asset; and
  • leasing, which is extremely common and can offer greater flexibility

To talk to us further about the law surrounding business finance, please call our office today on 0800 118 1500.


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