Commercial contracts

When you enter into a commercial contract you want everything to run smoothly. Having legally drafted agreements that provide you with peace of mind is essential.  At Talbots Law, we provide this and much more to our commercial clients. At Talbots Law, we’re experts in drafting and negotiating contracts. That’s why we can ensure that your interests are protected in all circumstances.

Our commercial team knows how important a well-drafted agreement is.  Contract law is at the heart of most business dealings, so it is important to get it right first time to avoid costly disputes.  We excel at this and many leading business organisations in the West Midlands rely on our trusted advice.

Why choose Talbots Law for your commercial contract matters?

Our law firm delivers on its promises.  We know that our clients rely on our advice and often their bottom line depends on it being right.  If we say we are going to call you, email the other party or have the contract drafted by 5pm that is exactly what will happen.

Can’t is not a word in our vocabulary. As business people ourselves, we truly believe that whatever the issue, a solution is available, it just has to be found.  We collaborate both internally and externally to come up with different perspectives on the challenges surrounding commercial contract law, and we always deliver.  You can rely on us to think creatively and innovatively to form agreements that help you achieve your commercial ambitions.

Commercial contracts FAQs

Do commercial contracts have to be in writing?
No.  However, if there is a dispute and the contract is not in writing it is very difficult to prove the terms agreed.  In the commercial sector, an intent to form legal relations is generally assumed, so we would always recommend that you have a written form of agreement with your key suppliers, customers and other appropriate parties.

What is the difference between express and implied terms?
Express terms refer to the terms in a contract that have been expressed either orally or in writing.  Implied terms are those that, although not detailed in the contract, can be applied by the court due to:

  • Usage or custom
  • The parties' previous course of dealings
  • The intention of the parties, a term implied "in fact"
  • Common law
  • Statute

There are many types of commercial contracts ranging from the simple to the more complex. We have experience in them all and will ensure that the other party knows exactly what is expected of them.

If a dispute arises, we can help you resolve it swiftly, so that the business relationship and the revenue it brings can continue.  If this is not possible, we can advise you on Alternative Disputes Resolution options such as mediation, or defend you robustly in the courts.

Please call Talbots Law today to discuss how we can assist you in negotiating and drafting your commercial agreements.

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