Management buy-outs, buy-ins and private equity

Management buy-outs (MBOs), management buy-ins (MBIs), and private equity transactions are complex transactions, requiring expert corporate legal advice.  Our Corporate & Commercial Team regularly work on MBOs, MBIs and private equity transactions.  They are experts on advising management teams and exiting shareholders on the terms, structure and implications of a transaction. 


If you are part of an existing management team looking to acquire the business that you work in, we can work with you and your advisors to help structure the transaction and to explain the implications of the documentation that you will be asked to enter into.  We also have significant experience of acting for vendors to protect their position, including helping to secure any deferred element of the purchase price or possible growth share structures.



If a business is to be transferred and the existing managers do not wish to buy the organisation, an external management team can effect a MBI.

MBIs require strong negotiating skills on the part of the legal team involved. The seller will want to minimise uncertainty for the existing workforce and customer base and the MBI team will need to grasp the mechanics of an unfamiliar business in a short period of time. However, fresh management can generate renewed growth by bringing in additional expertise and a different perspective.  We will work with the incoming management team to do due diligence on the Company and draft and negotiate the documentation to help protect their interests.

Private equity

Our Corporate & Commercial Team play an important role in any deal. We act for both private equity firms and individuals seeking investment, and will proactively negotiate the terms on how each party contributes and/or receives their cash and the ROI expected.  Our services also extend to assisting private equity firms and individuals buying and selling investments.

We are experts in making deals happen and ensuring transactions complete in a timely and cost effective manner.  We help structure and negotiate the acquisition and finance documents when a business is purchased or an investment is made, helping to establish the business and legal structure for the new company, and dealing with the completion formalities.

Why choose Talbots Law for management buy-outs, buy-ins and private equity?

Our Corporate & Commercial Team have significant experience of the sector.  You can rely on us to collaborate both internally and externally to overcome any potential barriers to the deal and to work to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.

Although the law pertaining to MBIs, MBOs and private equity is complex, we make it easy for our clients to understand any legal technicalities and the processes involved.  Our Corporate & Commercial Team works quickly and effectively to negotiate and complete deals.

Management buy-outs, buy-ins and private equity FAQs

Are MBIs and MBOs risky?
Not if they are well structured.  You need to take account of possible shortfalls in performance and ensure that the business can still meet its financing obligations in terms of repayment of debt, any interest payments and the requirements of any equity investors.  Our experienced Corporate & Commercial Team will ensure that you are aware of the implications of your deal and work to protect you as much as possible.

Let our experts help you with your MBO, MBI and private equity deals.  To make an appointment to discuss matters in the strictest confidence, please call us today on 0800 118 1500.

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