Winding up

We specialise in issuing winding up petitions against companies who are unable to pay their debts as they fall due.

We can offer a fixed fee for obtaining a winding up order against a company who owes more than £750.

If a winding up petition is being threatened or has been issued against you and the debt is disputed, we can advise and assist you in obtaining an injunction to restrain the creditor from issuing or advertising the petition which can have catastrophic impact on your business.


We can assist in advising you on making a debtor bankrupt.  We can offer a fixed fee to obtain a bankruptcy order against an individual who owes you more than £5,000 and is unable to pay their debt.

If you have been served with a statutory demand threatening bankruptcy for a debt that is disputed, we can advise and assist you in making an application to set aside the statutory demand.  Debtors have 18 days from the date of service to make an application so it is important to obtain advice early.

We specialise in advising on claims under the insolvency act to include preference payments and transactions at undervalue.  These claims can be bought by a liquidator of a company that has been wound up or a trustee in bankruptcy.