Contract dispute

Businesses relationships often break down for many reasons to include, failure to provide a satisfactory service or if the goods are defective.  When a relationship breaks down parties should first review the contract which will set out the terms of business. 

A contract can be made verbally or in writing.  In the absence of agreeing terms, statute can imply terms into a contract .

Considerations must be placed on the payment terms, have the services of goods been delivered in accordance with the timeframe stipulated in the contract and how can the contract be terminated.

Businesses should not presume that they can terminate the contract with their customers for non payment of invoices.  You could be in breach yourself if you terminate the contract prematurely and without giving proper notice . 

It is important that you take legal advice early so we can help you resolve your dispute without issuing court proceedings.  In some cases court proceedings are inevitable, we have built goods relationship with local barristers who will assist in preparation of your case to trial.

We have acted for many clients to include logistics companies, manufacturing, builders, telecoms, care homes, funeral directors and professionals.