Mediation for businesses

At Talbots Law, we pride ourselves in our ability to keep disputes from escalating. We know that when it comes to running a business, disputes are inevitable. Court on the other hand, is avoidable. With a team of expert negotiators, you can count on us to find resolve.

Most successful businesses have experienced a dispute at some stage in their journey. It could be contractual, it could be financial. Whatever the reason, the road to resolution is not through combat. Disagreements, especially where money is involved, easily escalate into heated arguments and turn into bitterly fought disputes. At Talbots Law, it’s our duty to minimise the potential fallout of your business disputes. How do we do it? Mediation.

Why choose Talbots mediation solicitors?

At Talbots Law, we’ve been helping businesses through disputes since we opened our doors. Why? Because we know that if we can offer our skills to find a solution that works for our clients, we will. We do it because we care. Through mediation, we save businesses the costs and time involved in court battles through skillful negotiation and determination to do right by them.

Our promise to you is to provide a jargon free service from beginning to end, navigating you through mediation to resolution with ease. When you work with Talbots Law, you’ll receive the care and dedication we give to all our clients. There isn’t one solution that fixes all disputes. That’s why we will always take the time to get to know our clients on a personal level, so we can work together to find an outcome that suits their specific needs.

Our commercial litigation lawyers have used many mediators and have built close links with mediation service providers.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving conflicts without the courts. As a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation attempts to minimise the damage caused by dispute by finding resolve on your own terms rather than confrontation in court and being bound by a Judges determination.  

Mediation is a confidential and without prejudice process so that parties can negotiate without worrying about making any concessions or weakening their court case.  The court or the judge will never get to see what was discussed or said at a mediation.

Along with one of our expert mediation solicitors, you will enter into negotiations with the other party and work on reaching an agreement that will become legally binding and works for both parties.

How does mediation work?

If your case is suitable for mediation, we’ll arrange a session. The other party will be invited to take part in this session accompanied by their solicitor. Our mediation expert will guide you through negotiation, actively suggesting options and directing you to an agreement that meets your business needs. We use specialist techniques during mediation that encourage dialogue and discussion between both parties, and will actively work to improve communication where needed. Mediation is about having an open mind, so you must be willing to compromise in order to find resolution. If an agreement can’t be reached within the first session, we can arrange another, discussing beforehand our plan for securing a satisfying outcome.

What if it doesn’t?

If we are not able to reach an agreement through mediation, litigation might be necessary, If your dispute reaches court, you can rest assured that the Judge will look favourably upon your attempt to find resolve through negotiation.

Where court proceedings are necessary, you can rest assured that our solicitors are highly experienced in litigation and can provide expert representation every step of the way.


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