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Businesses trust Talbots Law for a wide range of legal issues. Why? Because our Business Services lawyers offer an unbeatable combination of expertise, value for money and down-to-earth advice.

For anyone buying or selling a business or a commercial property, you want no-nonsense advice, to ensure you get the deal done on your terms; you’ll find we can offer the right legal advice for every kind of business. The same is true with business disputes. They can be costly and disruptive – so you need business people first, lawyers second. Our team can offer legal services to solve business disputes.

Talbots Law also helps business owners and managers deal with employment disputes. They happen – from internal disciplinary meetings to dealing with employment tribunals. Our practical advice supports you throughout, protecting your business.

If you need legal franchise help, you’ll be pleased to know that franchise agreements are an area of genuine specialism for Talbots. Our legal experts are trusted to work with leading global franchises, representing the legal interests of local franchisees in the UK.

Talbots Law deal with all and any legal issues involved with running a business, across various sectors. To help, there are a number of free business services you can make use of – including a free Company Healthcheck – so join the other companies who trust their business to Talbots Law.

Your company

Buying or selling a business

Guiding individuals and businesses through sales, purchases and mergers.

Employment & HR

Comprehensive and trusted advice on employment law and HR issues.

Commercial property

Advice on freeholds, leaes, laws and litigation so business can thrive.

Managing your business

Helping your business run smoothly with guidance on managing legal risks.

Debt recovery service

Helping with your cashflow by assisting you with the collection of your payments.

Residential development

A specialist team is available to help with Residential Development issues.


Helping in business disputes, with a service tailored exactly to your needs.

Mergers & acquisitions

Navigate your way through a sale or make sure your purchase goes smoothly.