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Three good reasons for a Supply Agreement

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Do you really need a written Supply Agreement?  Muneeb Dean, Head of our Company Commercial team, looks at the three top reasons why you do.

  1. To protect your interests - When you enter into any type of commercial contract you want everything to run smoothly. A professional drafted legal agreement, that clearly set-out the terms and conditions, is essential to providing you with peace of mind that your interests are protected.
  1. To provide evidence of terms - commercial contracts don’t have to be in writing, but if there is a dispute and the contract is not in writing it is very difficult to prove the terms agreed.
  2. To avoid disputes - if the worst happens and the contract doesn’t run as smoothly as hoped, a well drafted agreement can help to avoid costly and time consuming disputes. 

That’s why we would always recommend you have a written form of agreement with your key customers and suppliers, and any other appropriate parties.

If you need help drafting an agreement, or for help and advice on all aspects of company commercial legal issues, contact Talbots Law on 0800 118 1500, or email Muneeb Dean. 

You can read more about Muneeb and what our clients say about his expertise here