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Planning Permission in Principle

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Thinking about developing a site for residential purposes? Do you know about permission in principle (PiP)?

PiP came into force on 1st June 2018 and is an alternative way of obtaining planning consent for a housing-led development which is arguably cheaper and quicker than the traditional route. If you are looking at developing nine houses or less and the site is less than 1000sqm of commercial floor space, and/or a site of less than 1ha then you can apply for permission in principle.

The cost of submitting a PiP is £402 for each 0.1 hectare and the statutory time limit for a response is 5 weeks (this is usually 10 weeks for a major development).

The permission in principle route has 2 stages: the first stage (permission in principle stage) establishes whether a site is suitable in-principle and the second (technical details consent) stage is when the detailed development proposals are assessed.

Development cannot proceed until a Technical Detailed Consent has been granted and this must be granted within three years of the initial grant of permission in principle.

The scope of permission in principle is limited to location, land use and amount of development. Issues relevant to these ‘in principle’ matters should be considered at the permission in principle stage. Other matters should be considered at the technical details consent stage. The application at this principle stage is therefore fairly basic and you do not have to incur a great deal of professional costs in order to provide in depth detail about the proposed development.

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