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Online Divorce - Avoiding the Lawyers!

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Anyone starting divorce proceedings might have noticed that you can now submit a divorce petition to the Court directly online.  This is a great step forward for the Court, and we’re sure many people will take the opportunity to retain ownership of their divorce and avoid the costs of lawyers!

BUT  (we’re lawyers, there’s always a BUT!) – seeing a lawyer for a little bit of advice before you start your online divorce might just save you money. Here are some questions you might need to think about before opting for the online process:

Do you have to pay the Court fee?

Starting a divorce petition costs £550. This is a Court fee that goes straight to the Court.  If, however, you have a low income or receive certain benefits, you might be able to apply for a discount from this fee. Make sure you don’t miss out on this discount,if you qualify.

Can you claim your costs back?

In some cases you can apply to claim the Court fee (and some other legal costs) back from the other party. We can advise you on when this is appropriate, and how to go about this.

Amending divorce petitions

If your divorce petition is filled out incorrectly (even the smallest typo in the spelling of a name), you will have to pay an additional Court fee of £95 to amend this. We can check over your divorce petition to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Financial claims

The process of divorce does not end the financial claims that you have with your spouse. Many people don’t know this. When you got married, whether you wanted to or not, you and your spouse became financially responsible for each other, and you can each make claims against the other’s assets.  To bring this to an end and get a “clean break” you will need to ask the Court to make a separate financial order.  If you don’t have a clean break alongside your divorce, you just might find yourself in an expensive Court claim even many years after the divorce.

How can we help

For a fixed fee of £99 we can meet with you before you hit the submit button on your divorce petition and check things over for you. At that initial meeting with a specialist family lawyer, we can also answer any other questions you might have surrounding the divorce e.g. who pays the mortgage? What happens with the children? Can I claim his pension? Can I keep my pension?!

Talbots Law's Family Team are always on hand if you have any questions about online divorce, or any aspect of divorce or separation - for further information, please contact Katie Wager or call us now on 0800 118 1500.