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McCharging at McDonalds - we're lovin' it!

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Here at Talbots we love to be involved in new projects and innovations, especially if those projects are environmentally friendly with green credentials and will have long term benefits for our communities. 

When it also involves being part of an initiative with the Franchisees of a global fast food brand then it’s even more exciting.

Nicola Reeve, Head of our Commercial Property Team, was asked last year to help McDonald’s Franchisees across England & Wales with the roll-out of electric vehicle (EV) rapid charge installations at their Drive-Thru restaurants.

This was an exciting project made possible through McDonald’s partnership with InstaVolt and of course Nicola was keen to get involved.  You can read more about McDonald’s plans and their partnership with InstaVolt here

As a firm we were perfectly placed to help with the legal process and this ambitious roll out plan as for more than 20 years, Nicola has been advising and helping McDonald’s franchisees with their store acquisitions.   She also knows and has dealt with many of the proposed restaurant sites which are part of the roll out programme.   As Nicola says her priority is to help the franchisees with the legal aspects to ensure that the vision becomes reality in a straight forward and timely way.  It means the franchisees can concentrate and get on with running their business without having to worry about the legal aspects knowing they are in safe hands.

As we move towards more electric vehicles ownership there will be a huge demand for EV charging points and knowing that you will be able to easily access them at convenient locations within McDonald’s Drive-Thru restaurants across the UK in the future is a great bonus.

We’re "lovin' it"!

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