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Land Registry Improvements for Conveyancing

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What can the Land Registry do to improve the conveyancing process?

If there’s one thing that frustrates all home owners and solicitors alike, it’s the frustration of having to wait for various organisations to complete their part of the process.

However, at least one organisation is now going to make a change.

The Land Registry has announced that it is looking to overhaul and completely digitise its offering to match the needs and expectations of the current marketplace.

According to its annual report, the registry sets out its priorities.. “…for an ambitious digital transformation towards becoming the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data.”

Graham Farrant, Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar, said: “To our many stakeholders, I would ask you to join, support and partner with us as we explore how through digital technology we can work together to make conveyancing quicker, cheaper and simpler for everyone.”

This is welcome news, and something that many in the industry have been hoping to happen for some time. It seems that a government commitment for its departments to become more in tune with the digital economy has paid off.

Speaking further, Mr. Farrant said, “Alongside the key role we already play in the property market, our transformation will help support the UK in developing a vibrant and innovative digital economy. Our plans not only involve the digitisation of our existing services but we will explore how, through new digital technology, we can help to potentially release even more value from the Land Registry.”