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Help! I'm an Executor . . .

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. . . but I don't want to be.

Sue Howard, Trusts & Estates Solicitor has some practical advice to help you come to terms with this important responsibility . . . and suggestions about where to turn if you really can't face it

Firstly - feel proud
You have been considered as a responsible, trustworthy person capable of carrying out a difficult and potentially risky job at what is very likely a hard time emotionally. 

Secondly - don’t panic
Being an Executor and carrying out the administration of an estate is something you probably can manage (but maybe you need some legal help and support) 

Still reluctant?
There could be a few reasons why...

Grief:  We understand. It’s a very difficult time. But did you know that you can delegate the Executorship by use of an “Attorney Grant” instead of taking out probate yourself. This appoints a person (possibly a professional) to do the work on your behalf. This could be the solution you are looking for. 

Time:  Modern life is busy. Maybe you work long hours, or you are a carer for family members. Again, an Attorney Grant could be right for you. 

Risk:  You are right to be wary. Maybe there is a dispute brewing or you suspect there are heavy debts to deal with. There are steps that can lessen the risk, such as publishing legal notices at the right time, and observing the correct time limits. The right lawyer can guide you through these obstacles.

Still unsure? 

Take specialist advice early. It’s important,  because if you start to act (called “intermeddling”) then you could be forced to complete the Executorship, even if you don’t want to. 

At Talbots Law we have a team of specialist Trusts & Estates lawyers who can advise you about the range of options and solutions available to you.  This could include assisting with obtaining a Grant, administering the estate for you, or maybe giving advice on renunciation. Call us now on 0800 118 1500, or email Sue Howard - you will find us knowledgeable and sympathetic. We are here to help you.