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Happy New Year!

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We hope you had a brilliant Christmas, and congratulations if you had something extra special to celebrate – maybe you got engaged over Christmas, or had an offer accepted on your first home together?

If so, it’s such an exciting time of your lives, and the last thing you probably want to do is to discuss the ‘what ifs’ in the event of your relationship coming to an end.  However, these days having something drawn up to formalise your living arrangements, or to outline what would happen in the worst case scenario, is no longer considered to be a romance killer…surely it’s better to agree things when you like each other, rather than having to unpick everything when you don’t?!

A Cohabitation Agreement, or Pre-Nuptial/Post-Nuptial Agreements are extremely useful and important documents and here are the key facts you need to know:-

  1. You will both need to agree to the terms of the agreement – it needs to accurately reflect what you are signing up to, and should be fair on you both;
  2. You should both take independent advice as to the implications of any order;
  3. You should both exchange financial information so that you each know all of the facts before signing up to any agreement.
  4. Whilst these Agreements are exactly that, an agreement, rather than an enforceable Court Order, if the above steps have been taken, the Court is most likely to uphold the content rather than dismiss it.
  5. Agreements can include specific details regarding personal belongings, future arrangements and provision for any children (now and for the future).

If you would like to have more information on Cohabitation or Pre-/Post-Nuptial Agreements, particularly if you are buying your first home with your partner, or moving into their property, please contact one of our specialists today on 0800 118 1500, or email

On the other hand, if your Christmas wasn’t so good, and your relationship is looking like a January Divorce Day statistic, we have all the experience you need to help you through this difficult time.  Call us on 0800 118 1500 – we can help.