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Domestic Abuse Bill to ban cross-examination

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The draft Domestic Abuse Bill announced yesterday seeks to ban the cross examination of domestic abuse victims in the Family Courts.

Since 2013 the number of cases that have people representing themselves on one or both sides has increased to an incredible number.

We are often faced with cases involving allegations of Domestic Abuse, and where the Family Court is asked to determine factually what has or has not happened in the case, until now it may have been the case where a victim is essentially open to cross examination by their alleged perpetrator in Court.

There have been a number of safeguarding steps implemented to give added protection, and confidence to those who are particularly vulnerable, however with the availability of funding at an all-time low, it has been an ever growing problem.

The announcements in the media today may be a welcome change, but is it enough? 

For more details on the draft bill, click here

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