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Divorce Day

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8th January has been dubbed Divorce Day by many lawyers due to the increase in enquiries they receive on this date after the Christmas holidays.  For many years now there has been media coverage in the New Year suggesting that the New Year brings increased enquiries into Solicitors offices with regard to Divorce.  These enquiries are all supposedly due to fall outs between spouses over the Christmas period due to the pressures and tensions that the Christmas festivities bring.  Is it fact or fiction that couples decide that the marriage has unfortunately come to an end whilst sitting around the table having Christmas dinner?

The New Year certainly does bring in more enquiries into law firm offices with regard to Divorce proceedings but the vast majority of people have not made this decision lightly over their Christmas dinner.  Many couples will decide or agree that Divorce is inevitable but will wait to have one last family Christmas before announcing their separation and many people seek legal advice in the run up to Christmas but often don’t instigate anything until the New Year.

The New Year also brings many enquiries from individuals who have been separated from their husband or wife for some time but their New Years resolution is to formally bring an end to the marriage which then encourages them to seek legal advice and start the ball rolling.

Most recent statistics suggest that 42% of marriages end in Divorce and that the average length of a marriage is 12 years.  Certainly more recent statistics show that there is a slight increase following several years of decline in Divorce Petitions being issued.

As with many legal matters it is essential to get good advice at the outset when an individual thinks that their marriage may be coming to an end.  Here at Talbots Law we have an experienced and brilliant Family Law team who can provide the necessary advice quickly and in a manner that is easy to digest to somebody who is clearly going through what can be one of the most difficult times of their life.

Family Solicitors also see an increase in the New Year of enquiries from people looking to plan for the year ahead particularly if they are looking to purchase a property with a partner or are due to get married later in the year where it is also essential to get legal advice to protect assets by way of a co-habitation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement.  The New Year is the perfect time to start discussing pre-nuptial agreements for a summer wedding, and whilst not particularly romantic, is a sensible and practical way forward for parties due to begin co-habitation or marriage to protect their financial future as best they can.

It is also important for parents who are going  to provide significant sums of money for their children to purchase a property to make sure they have had legal advice to protect the money they are giving to their child in case that relationship with their partner does not last.  This has become increasingly more  important as the vast majority of first time buyers are seeking financial assistance from the bank of mum and dad with regard to funding deposits for their first step onto the property ladder.

Throughout January and February Talbots Law are offering Saturday morning surgeries (9.00 - 12.00) at Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge and Stourport offices to provide initial advice on all these issues.  See below for dates:

6th January - Wolverhampton

13th January - Dudley

20th January - Stourbridge

17th February - Stourport

24th February - Stourbridge