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Struggling to get your money back?

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Our dispute team are busy helping both companies and individuals get what’s owed to them – and having great success!

Need help with debt recovery?

Good cash flow is essential for any business, even more so at this time, when all businesses have been affected by the current pandemic, and are trying so hard to survive.

Our debt recovery team have a proven track record and are experts in knowing how and when to apply pressure to get bills paid without alienating your customer.

Yesterday we sent a Statutory Demand to one of our client’s debtors for a sum exceeding £5,000.  In less than 24 hours the debtor called to confirm receipt of the Statutory Demand and to arrange to make full payment (including all of our client’s legal costs).  A success story we could repeat for you.

Trip cancelled?  Holiday company or airline reluctant refund your money?

We all work and save hard to make sure that we get that well-deserved holiday break, but the reality is that most of us won’t be going anywhere far this year.  But what if you've already booked and the holiday is cancelled?  Our client had booked a dream trip, costing over £10,000 which was cancelled in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but hadn’t received any refund.  We sent a Pre-Action Letter of Claim to the airline yesterday, and this morning they have agreed to fully refund our client with the total cost of their holiday.  Our approach could work for you too.

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For help recovering debts or refunds, or for advice and assistance with any disputes, call our team on 0800 118 1500, or email Josh Millichamp today.