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Covid Contract Chaos

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From Monday 28 September 2020, the rules for Covid secure weddings and sit-down receptions mean that only a maximum of 15 people will be allowed to attend a wedding or civil partnership.

These latest changes made by the Government apply to England - the rules do vary between all of the four nations.

Weddings were prohibited earlier this year when national lockdown was in effect on 23 March 2020 resulting in many couples having to cancel their planned ceremonies.

Now fears of another national lockdown loom, couples looking to marry face a large degree of uncertainty, as do those businesses that operate in the wedding industry.

For those couples who had planned a small intimate ceremony these changes will not have much impact, but for those who were planning a much bigger celebration, the perfect day of their dreams may be shattered.

The reception is one of the biggest expenditures at any wedding, and the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that they must be, at the very least, scaled down, if they can take place at all.  Couple that with the limitations on the number of guests that can attend, and many are left with a predicament - go ahead or postpone to a future date?

On the other hand many businesses working in the wedding industry are seeing an influx of cancellations and a further loss of revenue in these unprecedented times.

The most common questions asked are:

What are our legal rights if we want to cancel our wedding, because we can only have a limited number of guests – would we be in breach of contract?

What are our rights if our wedding has been cancelled as a result of the pandemic?

Are there unfair terms in our contract?

Whether you are a couple seeking to terminate contracts, or you are a business faced with inundated cancellations and you want to know what your contractual rights are, Talbots Dispute Resolution team is on hand to help you.

We can look over your contract and assist you in determining both your rights and obligations under your Contract. And if you have a contractual dispute and seeking to resolve it swiftly, contact Talbots Dispute Resolution Team on 0800 118 1500 or to find out how we can help you