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Money! Money! Money!

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One of the questions clients often ask Talbots comes when they receive a cash "windfall".  You don't have to be a lottery winner, simply someone going through a divorce, selling a property, or possibly dealing with the loss of a loved one.  The average inheritance is £119,088, according to research by HSBC, which is why the question Talbots are often asked is: 'What do I do with this money?'

Talbots are solicitors, so we rely on a network of trusted contacts who are best placed to help us answer the question. For example, FSC Investment Services. We asked Frank S Cochran, Managing Director of FSC for their advice.

“Our aim is to work alongside Talbots to help you to benefit from your financial windfall as efficiently and as simply as possible” says Frank “Every situation is different, so are our solutions. We tailor every investment specifically for your benefit, whether you want capital growth, income or a mixture of both, we can help.

We can’t say what to do with a windfall, per se, but 3 things to think about are: 

  1. Could this windfall mean your family will be subject to additional Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax or even Inheritance Tax? We work with every client to help them to reduce or even in some cases completely mitigate their liability.
  2. Have you thought about taking legal advice? Through expert tax planning, and using Inland Revenue and Capital Taxes offices approved tax saving measures, FSC use Talbots’ expertise for setting up Trusts, Wills or any other legal requirements you will need to make your situation as tax efficient as possible.
  3. Don’t forget to have fun! We and Talbots want you to have complete peace of mind… but you have to enjoy life, too. So we’d talk to you about you as well.

FSC is focused on taking your windfall, however it is arrived at, and work with you to provide you with the best possible outcome. And with over 20 years experience of handling client’s investments we like to think we know what we’re doing!”  For more information visit FSC's website:

Matt Wistow commented: “Like all of our trusted advisors, FSC have an excellent team made up of of highly experienced advisers, para-planners and an in-house portfolio management team. If you come into money, talk to your Talbots solicitor and let us help you plan for the future.”  Call Talbots Law on 0800 118 1500