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Anna Robinson

Domestic Abuse Bill to ban cross-examination

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The draft Domestic Abuse Bill announced yesterday seeks to ban the cross examination of domestic abuse victims in the Family Courts. Since 2013 the number of cases that have people representing themselves on one or both sides has increased to an incredible...

Keeping in contact at Christmas

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It’s that time of year when the shops start filling with all of the must-have items, supermarkets tell you to get in quick and order the turkey and trimmings, and there's still 7 weeks to go! The sad thing is, at this time of year family...

Owens v Owens - no grounds for divorce decision

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Is it time for a shift towards 'no-fault’ divorce cases in England & Wales? The Supreme Court has today unanimously rejected an appeal made by a wife seeking a divorce from her husband of 40 years. The decision will mean that Tini Owens...