What you can learn from Bo Bruce's successful court case

The Voice contestant, Bo Bruce, wins dispute with Executor brother over multi-million pound inheritance

Bo was able to successfully have her brother replaced as executor of her late Mother's estate, in order to ensure the wishes of her Will were carried out correctly. 

The popstar’s late mother, Lady Rosalind, left her estate to be split equally between Bo and her brother, Viscount Savernake.

The dispute arose regarding the estate property worth approximately £1.7 million. Bo wanted the property to be sold and the sale proceeds split between the siblings but Thomas, her brother, wished to retain the property despite his mother's Will stating the estate should be split equally. Thomas had already been living in the property for several years paying Ms Bruce £20,000 rent per annum following their mother’s death.

In legal proceedings bought by Bo in the High Court, the judge ruled in favour of The Voice contestant and replaced her brother with an Independent Executor to allow for the estate property to be sold and the estate properly distributed.

If you have a dispute with a fellow executor or with an executor of an estate in which you have an interest, either because the executor has a conflict of interest or is otherwise in breach of their duties to the estate, we can help you to resolve the dispute. 

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