Our founder

1991 was a good year.

Our founder - Martyn Morgan

Two great things happened.

Talbots opened. And Martyn Morgan was employee Number 1.

Martyn wanted a different type of law firm, one that provided a memorable experience – not just expert legal advice. That’s why many Talbots innovations carry Martyn’s fingerprints. Saturday opening and a dedicated team for new enquiries.

Those values remain but sadly we lost Martyn in 2015.

Martyn was inspirational, funny, innovative, and passionate about legal services – and a good friend to many.  His ‘office’ was always open, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you wanted advice at 6am on a Thursday, go ahead, call Martyn.

He was a 100-percenter. Whatever Martyn did, he gave it his all.

His family. Aston Villa. Raising money for charity. Cycling. Friendship. Marathons. Food. Work.  Office pranks.

Martyn Morgan 23 July 1955 – 10 December 2015. It turns out not all lawyers are dull.